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Hidden Mickey!!!

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Shot by Koury Angelo. See more photos  from FYF Fest Day 2. 

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It’s a dog day afternoon! Here’s 101 dogs from movies and TV for —-> http://tmto.es/1vk1Dtq

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Mercedes Esquivel by con-leche

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Animal Fact of the Day

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by Dalton Campbell

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The Iconic Transportation Units Poster Series 

Available for sale @Society6.

Created by Josh Lane


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College is a time filled with decisions. What to major in, whether or not to join a frat and, most importantly, how to arrange the beds in your dorm room. Once you unpack all your stuff it’s really annoying to move them again. Here are the pros and cons for the seven most common dorm-bed configurations.

Finish reading —> The Anatomy of a Dorm Room 

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